The Apple Watch Series 4 not only comes with a larger, crisper display but also sports a streamlined and streamlined design. However, what are the most important things in the world? One of the most prominent among these features is the Fall Detection feature.

What is the Fall Detection Feature?
Fall Detection is a new feature incorporated in the Apple Watch to make your workout regime safer. If you happen to have a hard fall while exercising, you can be connected to a registered emergency contact and the emergency services. This feature makes use of the gyroscope in tandem with the accelerometer to detect and asses any hard falls, following which, it offers the emergency options. The actions taken by the Apple Watch includes a tap on the wrist, the sounding of an alarm, and the displaying of an alert.
Once the Apple Watch detects the fall, the device waits to detect any motion or a response; it gives you the option to choose from: “I did not fall”, “I fell, but I’m OK” or “Emergency SOS.” However, if you are motionless for about a minute, the watch will start a 15-second countdown after which it will automatically connect with the emergency services.
Steps to Enable Fall Detection
As much as the Fall Detection feature seems attractive, it is often in the “off” mode by default. Thus, if you wish to avail these services, you should manually enable Fall Detection. However, if you have set your age as 65 and above while setting up your Apple Watch, then the feature will automatically turn on.
To manually enable Fall Detection, follow the steps given below:
  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap on the Emergency SOS
  2. In the menu, toggle the switch next to the Fall Detection and keep it in the ON mode.
Many YouTubers tried out the feature and the Apple Watch Series 4 fared fairly well in these tests. Falls on cushioned surfaces did not trigger the Fall Detection features while falls on harder surfaces were sufficient for the Watch to take action.
Steps to Disable Fall Detection
The Apple Watch Series 4 did exceptionally well on the fall test. However, there is still some margin for error. In fact, Apple has stated that it is possible to accidentally trigger the fall detection if you are participating in any high-impact activity. Thus, if you fall in that bracket of users, you may continue with the feature inactive or manually disable it.
Here’s how you can disable the Fall Detection:
  1. Once again, explore the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap the  Emergency SOS
  2. Scroll down the list to find  Fall Detection  and tap on the switch next to it to toggle it off.
The feature has been warmly received by the users of the Apple Smart Watch. It makes a psychological edge for the freaks making them feel that they would be safer even while being part of intense exercising routines.
We hope that enabling the Fall Detection feature adds a layer of safety to your fitness activities.
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